Get To The Root Of Acne With The Blue-U Acne Treatment

We are pleased to offer our patients with acne-prone skin a new and amazing treatment known as Blue-U 4170 Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy. Using Blue Light (with the option of adding a light-activated healing product), we are able to smooth and heal acneic skin while destroying acne-causing bacteria at the source.

What Is The Blue-U Acne Treatment?

The Blue-U Acne Treatment is an FDA-approved light therapy procedure that offers those with acne-prone skin incredible results without serious medication or antibiotics. We simply cleanse your face, and equip you with protective glasses before beginning the treatment.

How Does The Treatment Work?


We offer two types of Blue-U Acne Treatment at Skin Renew Laser & Vein Clinic. One treatment plan uses blue light alone to destroy acne at the root, while smoothing and healing acne scars. The second treatment we offer is designed for more challenging acneic skin, and involves the use of a light-activated topical medication. For this treatment, we apply the medication to the skin and allow it to sit for about an hour. Once the medication has had sufficient time to be absorbed by the skin, the blue light is then used to activate the medication. Together, the blue light and the light-activated medication work to destroy acne and heal the skin.

Is The Treatment Painful?

No. You will not feel heat, pain or discomfort during the treatment process.

Will I See Results After My First Treatment?

In order to benefit significantly from the Blue-U Acne treatment, you will typically need to come in two times a week for several weeks.

How Frequently Should I Have The Treatment Done?

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help develop a treatment plan that will deliver optimal results based on your needs. Most patients typically see vast improvement over the course of several weeks.

Will The Process Require Recovery Time?

If your treatment involved the use of the light-activated medication, you will need to avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours. Otherwise, there is not real downtime associated with the Blue-U Acne Treatment.
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